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All Your Client's Assets. One Dashboard.

Consolidation eliminates manual record-keeping by allowing your clients to see all their accounts, such as bank and brokerage accounts, in one place. This way, they can see their complete net worth at a glance.

They can see their real estate, stock portfolio, private equity investments and venture capital bets, and any other assets they own, giving them greater insight into and control over their financial situation.

Consolidation keeps your clients' financial information up-to-date and secure.

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Private Equity



Real Estate

Venture Capital

Operating Companies

Art & Heirloom


Stakeholder Map

Stakeholder Map is a secure environment for your clients to share their asset information with trusted stakeholders, like family members and business partners.

This feature helps your clients coordinate with partners and stakeholders to align on long-term goals. They can now manage and grow shared assets and strategically plan their networth.

With Stakeholder Map, your clients can not only keep all of their stakeholders in one place, but they can also maintain accountability through a chat and task manager.

100% Secured

Safely Store Your Clients' Essential Documents

Vault is the perfect way to help your clients store, manage and share their financial and legal documents. With Vault, your client's confidential documents are safeguarded in an exclusive online location that is only accessible to those with the appropriate permissions.

Our advanced encryption technology ensures that every document is kept confidential and secure.

Additionally, our Task Manager feature allows you to assign tasks related to your client’s documents to any stakeholders, helping keep everyone organized and on the same page. This way, the documents are not only stored securely, but also they are tracked and managed efficiently.

With Vault, your clients can rest assured that their documents are always secure and accessible, granting them the ultimate peace of mind.

Annual Filings
Tax Reports
Estate Certificates
Digital Wallets
Liquidity Statements
Investment Documents
Annual Filings
Tax Reports
Estate Certificates
Digital Wallets
Liquidity Statements
Investment Documents

Offer Best-In-Class Family Office Techniques

MyFO provides your clients with tailored, best-in-class guidance for their wealth management.

As a wealth manager, your clients rely on you to provide sound advice on various financial topics. With our service, you can ensure that your clients receive expert guidance on tax planning, estate planning, asset management, and risk assessment. This will empower your clients to have more informed and productive discussions with you, ultimately leading to better financial outcomes.

Guidance is equipped with machine learning technology that provides contextual prompts, allowing you to stay informed about your client's financial progress, and ensuring that you can provide the best guidance possible.

Offer your clients guidance typically given by a Family Office team in expert areas such as:

  • Tax Advice

    Estate Planning

    Family Constitution

    Marital Agreements

  • Mitigating Tax




Scenario Modeling

Model Investment Opportunities

Scenario Modeling offers a comprehensive and intuitive interface to help you easily calculate and visualize potential outcomes, compare scenarios, and make wiser decisions.

You can set up your client's investment preferences with respect to return expectations, liquidity expectations, ESG (Environmental, Social & Governance) benchmarks, and leveragability to ensure that the investment plan is tailored to their specific needs.

The tool will help facilitate discussions about the following:

Return Expectations



ESG Benchmarkers

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Rated 5 Stars by 100+ Advisors

Simran and Alice struck a nerve when they embarked on building MyFO. Family offices worldwide have been struggling with managing their portfolios in a consolidated and strategic manner—a single pane of glass on how their assets were deployed to manage capital allocation.

Simran Kang & Alice Chen
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